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nterior of the island.”  癜Well, it’s a ramble worth making,” admitted t▓he Irishman, “bu

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Capture unforgettable moments.

t look out for th●e sun, and be sure you’re on hand ●again for the big show.” ●The city of Colombo is well spread out.▓Though I set off early next morning, it was near▓ly noo

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  • ce a day, ●and you can have quite a few chi
  • ps tucked▓ away by the time the circus comes.
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malesuada fames turpis.

n when I crossed the Victoria bridge at ▓Grand Pass and struck the open● country.Great was the contr▓ast betwee

malesuada fames turpis.

n the Ceylon of my imagi●nation and the reality.A riot of tropical veg▓etation spread out on every hand; in the?/p>

malesuada fames turpis.

?dense shadows swarmed naked humans uncounta●ble.But jungle was there none, neithe●r wild men, nor savage beast

malesuada fames turpis.

s.● Every acre was producing for the use ▓of man.The highway was wide, well-b●uilt as in Europe, close fla●nke

malesuada fames turpis.

d on either side by thick forests of toweri●ng palm trees.Here and there, bands▓ of coolies repaired the roadway

malesuada fames turpis.

, or foug●ht back the aggressive vegetation w●ith ax-like knives.Clumsy, broad-whee▓led bullock carts, in appea

  • rance like our “prai▓rie schooners,” creaked by beh▓ind humped oxen ambling seaward at ▓a snail’s pace.Under his protec▓ting roof, made, not of canvas, as the first gl●impse suggested, but of thousand●s of leaves sewn together, the s●crawny driver grinned cheerily ●and mumbled some strange word o●f greeting.Even the heat was less

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  • ▓infernal than I had anticipated.The glar●e of sunshine was dazzling; a wrist uncovere▓d for a moment was burned red as with a▓ branding-iron; my face shown browner in● the mirror of each passing stream; ●but often are the sun’s rays ▓more debilitating on a summer d▓ay at home. In the forest ●the slim bamboo and the broad-leafed

    n da▓ys tha t will give me tim
  • ban●ana tree 260abounded; but the● cocoanut palm predominated.In every gro●ve, prehensile coolies, armed wi●th heavy knives, walked up the sl▓ender trunks, and, hiding themselves i●n the tuft of leaves sixty feet above, chop▓ped off the nuts in clusters of three.▓ One could have recited a poem● between the moment of their launch●ing

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and the time when they st▓ruck

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